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The epic voyage that Hastinapur public School embarked upon in 2015, reads a great odyssey of sincere toil, perseverance persistent endeavours, endurance and faith of the deft and diligent hands that have worked concertedly over 35 years to bring it to its presents glory and eminence. Spreading over an area of 3 acres with strength of 650 students and 27 teachers, the Academy has been a proactive institution of learning with a blend of values, tradition, technology and above all, a quest for excellence. Attitude and perceptions affect our ability to learn and conducive learning environment at Hastinapur public School fosters an ambience of community and collaboration; source and acceptance as well as joy and challenge.



Shaping young impressionable minds is the toughest task in the hands of educationists. We need to synergize the combination of pedagogy and tools to empower our students to grow individuals with strong, open discerning and sensitive minds to be churned into global citizens. We at Hastinapur public School implement a unique academic programme coupled with innovative teaching methodologies which encourage students to develop critical reasoning ability and learn through enquiry and reason, exchange ideas, develop key personal and social values, take ownership for individual choices and set goals to realize their unique potential.



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When you start thinking about sending your child to school, you will spend a lot of time reviewing school websites. Once you get to the next stage of the school search process, you look for the following five features which every good school should have.

Hastinapur Public School is committed to provide all these features which in turn benefits your child with Quality Education , Good Environment & Ever lasting Enrichment.

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